Friday, August 22, 2008

Yummy Food: Joy From Fasting To Feasting !!!

Ok I'm joining the celebrations........sisters Lubna & Yasmeen have a great idea " Yummy Food: Joy From Fasting To Feasting !!! "
I've posted details below...& will be writing more posts on Ramadan menues & cooking sha Allah

AsSalaam Alaykum,

With Ramadan soon approaching. Lubna of and Yasmeen have come up with this idea of celebrating Ramadan online.

Unlike any other event its going to be completely about sharing our recipes and thoughts about Ramadan. The main intention is to share our family recipes we usually cook in the month of Ramadan and also to share our experiences about this sacred month of Ramadan.

To participate in this Ramadan Celebration post any recipes you commonly make during Iftar or Sehr and post them in your blog for the entire month of Ramadan.

Use the Logo attached in support of the celebration. Its recommended you to write about how you celebrate this gifted month with your family or any memories of your childhood related to Ramadan.
Also link the other sister's blogs who are participating in this celebration. So that we are all connected in this celebration.For any questions or suggestions please write to me as early as possible.
Hope you all will join us in this celebration of the Holiest Month ! Logo for the event as an follows.
Feel free to use this logo for the recipe your are cooking specially for Ramadan.
If you are a non-muslim and non-blogger and have to write any thing on Ramadan or wanna share any recipe or just remember your muslim friends or know how people around you celebrate Ramadan, feel free to write down in your blog and link back the page to this blog.
Inshallah we are going to have an Yummy Ramadan this year.

Allahafiz,Lubna Karim and Yasmeen.

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lubnakarim06 said...

Allhumdulliah. Thank u for u r participation. From the first day if possible try to write or cook something which is going on during ramazan in your house. Waiting for beautiful words and yummy recipes.