Friday, August 27, 2010

school lunch

My main focus these day as we try to re-organize our lives is eating more healthy while saving money. One of the areas of great chaos in my life was preparing packed lunches for the girls.
I reserched it online and found this neat idea of laptop lunches. It's a lunch system where can pack several lunch items in a single container. they have a wonderful and inspiring section on the website where people share pictures of their lunch ideas and I just had to recreate it!
I found some cheap containers at Hy-Vee and what's so cool about them is that the cover helps protect different compartments so the food stays seperate.
Here's the girls lunch for the 1st day of school.
Grilled cheese sandwich with pretzels and a different veggie for each kid.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Great deals AGAIN!!

I just came back from a garage sale with this amazing find.
First let me share a little background story with you...
I'm currently on the lookout for storage solutions and ideas for my new place. It's only a 2 bedrooom and with 2 kids we have lots and lots of stuff between us.I really want the rooms to look tidy and stylish.
First time I saw this bin was at a garage sale but I wasn't quick enough and a lady baught it before I did.
Next time I saw it at Target for $39 and I decided I would buy it from there if I couldn't find one at a cheaper price.
Finally, 2 days ago I was browsing through garage sale listings on Craig's list and one of the listings had pictures. I saw the bin in one of the pictures and I saw my opportunity.
The sale was beginning at 8 am so I was there with my kids at 7:50 am. Although it was stated in the ad that they won't be accepting early sales they were already selling. Good thing that we were there early.
They had two yes two bins...and I was dancing with joy.
One was made out of wood with blue and yellow plastic bins (exactly like the picture) and the other was white with more girly pink colored plastic bins. I almost had second thoughts when my eyes hit the price. They were priced at $25 each but I decided I was going to get the wood bin after all and it's still $15 dollars cheaper than the one at Target.
My kids picked up some nice toys and really Excellent books for cheap cheap prices ranging from 25 cents to $2. I paid a total of $40 and we were on our way.
To my extreme and ultimate joy when I checked target's website I discovered that the bin I bought is pretty expensive (priced at $69.99) and with this deal I've saved $44.99.
I LOVE a good deal .

Free Arabic download from Currclick

How Exciting !!

This week's freebie from Currclick is Arabic Picture Blocks FREE download.
You can download it HERE
If you don't have an account it's really easy to create one.

When you get to the page click "Get it Free" and download to your PC.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Joy From Fasting To Feasting (Season-III)

Sister Lubna at Yummy Food is hosting "Joy From Fasting To Feasting (Season-III) " for her 3rd year. I'm hoping this year I can share some pictures and recipes with all of you in sha Allah through this blog and through this event as well.

This Ramadan is very different as it is my first Ramadan in the US & I'm sure I will be faced with many challenges.
I'm trying to stay focused and organized before and after the holy month. I'm hoping that staying in touch with family and other muslims even if this is only via the internet will make a difference to our fasting experience.
Here's what sister Luna says about the event:
An event where you can meet new food bloggers, come to know about new traditions, new recipes, etc….Overall it’s a fun being part of this event……The old participants of the event already know about the rules and regulations…..but for the new ones who are going to connect this year to share there yummy recipes and experiences on Ramadan, fasting, iftar and seher…..Here are the guidelines…..As a part of this event, attach the above logo in your sidebar. This not only paints all the blogs with oneness but also many people visiting your blogs will know about this event. Inshallah we will have a yummy Ramadan this year too.

Free Kids Event at Home Depot

To make this nice Back to School craft head to your local Home Depot tomorrow Saturday, August 7th from
9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Cost: Free
Details: This weekend the kids will be making a school bus pencil holder. While it is geared towards chidren 5 – 12, you can bring younger children and help them with their project.
Get details about the event HERE .
Get details about your local store HERE .

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Sunday, August 01, 2010

I'm inlove....

with garage sales that is.

Sister Umm Omar asked about what I think of the US so far and one of the things that I LOVE about living here is the fact that every weekend I can drive around naighbourhoods looking for deals.

It's amazing some of the things that you can find in garage sales, from children's toys to household items.

Some of the great things that are a real bargain are books ,these are usually from .25 cents to a $1. Another item that I like to get at garage sales are glassware and baskets these are pretty cheap even cheaper than the dollar store or the thrift store.

One of my proud moments was when I found a Sony Digital Camera exactly like this one that retails at $$150

and what did I pay for mine...ehm ehm... $15 USD.

I would love to end this post by sharing this touching story about garage sales from Carol at American Bedu.