Friday, August 01, 2008

Re-Organizing My Life

Alhamdu lelah I've been through alot of stress lately .....but right now things are getting back to normal...& I feeel I need to RE-ORGANIZE...RE-FOCUS & get back on track insha Allah....

my initial plan for the next month insha Allah is....

Regading helping myself Spiritualy....I will

Start to do Salawat in proper time

pray salat Fajr daily in proper time

read 1 page of quraan every day

do thikr & doaas for 5 minutes after every salat

help my oldest DD pray regularly

Regarding my domestic skills...I will

Spend 15 minutes at the end each week planning meals of the next week

Cook 6 days a week

Try new dishes

Try my hand at new deserts

Decorate our new apartment

Regrding our Homeschooling I will

Limit TV time for only 2 hours a day

Spend 15 minutes daily before the girls wake up to organize a daily schedule

Read aloud to my girls least 2 books

Help my oldest in her reading skills

Spend 1 hour of organized academics with my youngest bent

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