Saturday, February 14, 2009

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I have been a regular subscriber to this list for years now..

I find the posted links usefull & the reviews very informative .

I hope that you can subscribe to the list & get to enjoy it with your kids as much as I do...

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* Monday = Math

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* Thursday = Social Sciences

* Friday = Virtual Field Trip

* Saturday = Electives: Music, Art, & Languages

The sites include excellent information delivered in astudent-friendly, multi-media format, and often contain free interactive games as well as printable lessons and materials that can be tweaked to your needs and interests whether you are homeschooling, unschooling, or after-schooling.

Many teachers use these recommended resources in the classroom aswell. Most of the sites are suitable for a wide age range.

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Friday, February 06, 2009

Learning about my body

Guitar lessons....

Puzzle Time!!!

My youngest DD doing a Garfield puzzle with a little help from mommy!!

Arabic sweets....

Finally ...these pics were taken about a month ago while shopping for my brother's gift....
I finally deciphered the way to download the pics to my PC without doing alot of here we go...

We went into several sweet shops because we were looking for halaweyat elmooled...but because it was not the season of moled elnaby all I could find was meshabek. can see it in pic # 1 &2 ...meshabek are the golden treats arranged in stacks in the shop windows

In this pic you can see the petit fore & the chocolates...these 2 shops were of medium quality so we only got the meshabek from there...& off we went

Yum yum this is my favourite shop....
Look at the delesh ...mouth watering sweets...& believe me all that you can manage to eat in one session is only a tiny bite....YUMMY...

& here are the end products ....a tray of Basbosa & another tray of assorted sweets......wrapped & ready to go

Anyone want a peice???

Images from around my city

This is a pic I took while going around town wit my sister finishing some errands & playing with my new mobile's camera.
It's one of many beautiful buildings scattered around my city that belong to the time before the revolution.These magnificant places belong to the royal family of Egypt.Ofcourse after the revolution many of these palaces & mansions were taken over by the goverment...the lawful owners were kicked out after stripping them from all that they once possessed,land,jewelery & money...many chose to flee the country.
What's heart breaking is that many of these palaces were either used as goverment headquarters or left to rot!!!
This palace is in a relativly good condition because it's occupied by a division of the police force!!!! So they keep it in tip top condition...
So what do you al think of this majestic building?