Monday, August 18, 2008


Sobhan Allah yesterday I was browsing through one of my favourite sites

"بيت الشفاء"

& I found a broadcast by Mariam Nour, I consider Mariam one of the most influential women I have ever heard.masha Allah she has guts & she has passion for what she does.

It was a TV interview with "Orbit" on this show

She mentioned John Robbins "A Diet for A New America" & alhamdu Lelah I found the whole video on You tube.

The videos are very iformative & got me thinking about my own diet & of course my family's diet as well.Frankly speaking I've been doing a very lousy job.

I'll be posting the videos here ....& hopefully I'll start building a new menue for my family based around grains & veggies.

In sha Allah....


nahlaisnow said...

السلام عليكم
أنا نهلة صاحبة موقع بيت الشفاء
أشكرك كثيرا على متابعتك للموقع ورأيك فيه
أرجو أن ترسلى لى إيميلك الشخصى كى نتواصل
فقط إشتركى على بيت الشفاء بإسم أم البنات وسوف أتعرف على إيميلك

umelbanat said...

nahla I think we already know each other dear...LOOOL