Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Benefits of Soft Drinks

I'm trying to eliminate all artificial sweetners,artificial colors,soft drinks,ships & anything that is overprocessed.......

With 2 little kids this is not very easy .....& to be honest with myself I have my issues with food.I'm over weight & I'm a food junkie myself....I spent many nights infront of the VCR eating salted Lays & drinking 7 up & merinda.

All this changed after I heard Mariam Noor for the 1st time"but that's another post"

Anyways here is what I found about the "benefits" of Soda.....

Actually they have so many usefull uses such as:
Cleaning your dirty toilet bowl "this one grosses my oldest & will stop her from craving soda for a few days "
Removing rust spots from chrome
Getting gum out of your hair
Getting rid of skunk odor
Cleaning grout

& my #1 favourite & not for the faint of heart: ta ta da da.........

If you have a problem with mice or rats, one way to get rid of them is with soda pop.


Mice and rats lack the ability to burp. You can use this to your advantage. Simply pour Pepsi or Coke into a shallow dish, and place the dish near where the mice or rats are entering your home. The rodents will drink the sweet soft drink and later, when they can't burp, they will die.
Right next to walls usually works best for any type of bait or traps, as does under sinks, where they may like to hide out, or underneath your stove.
As the carbonation only lasts just so long, you will need to keep that in mind and refill your dish accordingly. Try putting a new dish down each night before bed.
Sources: April 28, 2008

So next time my DD asks for a soda i think I'm sharing this new piece of info with her..

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