Saturday, September 06, 2008

35 Good Things About Having ADHD

The above picture describes me to a T ...mmmmm......maybe with an additional arm for my other baby...& one for Hubby too....he he ...
My ADD helps ALOT here's a wonderful list I was sent through the many ADD lists that I subscribe to...
So here's why I celebrate my ADHD.......

1. Lots of energy
2. Willing to try things - take risks
3. Ready to talk, can talk a lot
4. Gets along well with adults
5. Can do several things at one time
6. Smart
7. Need less sleep.......mmmm .....I have to disagree with this one....I'm the exact opposite
8. Good sense of humour
9. Very good at taking care of younger kids
10. Spontaneous
11. See details that other people miss
12. Understand what it's like to be teased or to be in trouble so are understanding of other kids
13. Can think of different and new ways of doing things
14. Volunteer to help others
15. Happy and enthusiastic
16. Imaginative - creative
17. Articulate - can say things well
18. Sensitive - compassionate
19. Eager to make new friends
20. Great memory
21. Courageous
22. More fun to be with than most kids
23. Charming
24. Warm and loving
25. Care a lot about families
26. Inquisitive
27. Quick to forgive
28. Genuine
29. Never boring
30. Empathetic
31. Perceptive ways to do things
32. Playful
33. Honest
34. Optimistic
35. Interested in new things

Taken from TADA... The Attentional Disorders Association of Edmonton


Kitchen Flavours said...

i like that picture of modern mom.

Bosnian hijab girl said...

Nice blog!Visit me!

Kitchen Flavours said...

Assalamvalekum Dear, How r fasts going on. Today i showcased your recipes. Take time to check out and let me know any changes u need to be done.

umelbanat said...

Dear Lubna ,
I like the pic too ...when I found it online I just had to put it in my blog ...cause when I think of me & multi-tasking I always invisioned the Indian Goddess with her many hands...

Dear Bosnian Hijab Girl,
Welcome to my blog & thanx for the visit....I also enjoyed your blog alot...