Saturday, August 07, 2010

Joy From Fasting To Feasting (Season-III)

Sister Lubna at Yummy Food is hosting "Joy From Fasting To Feasting (Season-III) " for her 3rd year. I'm hoping this year I can share some pictures and recipes with all of you in sha Allah through this blog and through this event as well.

This Ramadan is very different as it is my first Ramadan in the US & I'm sure I will be faced with many challenges.
I'm trying to stay focused and organized before and after the holy month. I'm hoping that staying in touch with family and other muslims even if this is only via the internet will make a difference to our fasting experience.
Here's what sister Luna says about the event:
An event where you can meet new food bloggers, come to know about new traditions, new recipes, etc….Overall it’s a fun being part of this event……The old participants of the event already know about the rules and regulations…..but for the new ones who are going to connect this year to share there yummy recipes and experiences on Ramadan, fasting, iftar and seher…..Here are the guidelines…..As a part of this event, attach the above logo in your sidebar. This not only paints all the blogs with oneness but also many people visiting your blogs will know about this event. Inshallah we will have a yummy Ramadan this year too.


Kitchen Flavours said...

Thank you so much for the space to the post in u r blog....oh u r in US now....hope u have more fun there....

umelbanat said...

You are welcome Lubna.
I'm looking forward to participating in the event.