Thursday, August 12, 2010

Great deals AGAIN!!

I just came back from a garage sale with this amazing find.
First let me share a little background story with you...
I'm currently on the lookout for storage solutions and ideas for my new place. It's only a 2 bedrooom and with 2 kids we have lots and lots of stuff between us.I really want the rooms to look tidy and stylish.
First time I saw this bin was at a garage sale but I wasn't quick enough and a lady baught it before I did.
Next time I saw it at Target for $39 and I decided I would buy it from there if I couldn't find one at a cheaper price.
Finally, 2 days ago I was browsing through garage sale listings on Craig's list and one of the listings had pictures. I saw the bin in one of the pictures and I saw my opportunity.
The sale was beginning at 8 am so I was there with my kids at 7:50 am. Although it was stated in the ad that they won't be accepting early sales they were already selling. Good thing that we were there early.
They had two yes two bins...and I was dancing with joy.
One was made out of wood with blue and yellow plastic bins (exactly like the picture) and the other was white with more girly pink colored plastic bins. I almost had second thoughts when my eyes hit the price. They were priced at $25 each but I decided I was going to get the wood bin after all and it's still $15 dollars cheaper than the one at Target.
My kids picked up some nice toys and really Excellent books for cheap cheap prices ranging from 25 cents to $2. I paid a total of $40 and we were on our way.
To my extreme and ultimate joy when I checked target's website I discovered that the bin I bought is pretty expensive (priced at $69.99) and with this deal I've saved $44.99.
I LOVE a good deal .

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