Monday, August 24, 2009

Al Hussein mosque

In the spirit of the holy month I really miss Ramadan in Egypt with my family.I think part of the Ramadan spirit are the family gatherings.
I will try to write several posts of the traditions of Ramadan in my country.Egypt is famous with many Ramadan traditions as the Fanoos & the madfa' el Iftar & mawae'd elRahaman, but that is a whole other post.

In this post I've included pics that I took of the Hussein mosque in Cairo.It is an amazing mosque near Khan El Khalili area(most famous for the silver & Pharoanic souvenirs you can buy there).
It has become one of the many customs of ramdan to eat Iftar there & then pray Maghrib, Isha & Tarweeh at Al Hussein & then maybe go drink tea with mint at one of the million kahawy in the area & stay until you eat Suhoor & pray fajr.

To read a bit more about the history of the mosque you can go HERE

First here are some pics from the outside of the mosque

The rest of the pics were taken inside the womens' section. Needless to say that the architecture of the mosque is breathtaking. take a look:

While I was taking these pics the most amazing thing happened a group of Asian muslim sisters (my guess is that they were Pakistani) were visiting Sayedna El Hussein & they started chanting these amazing words praising the grandson of the prophet peace be upon him. The rest of their group was on the male section of the mosque. A guy was reciting the words while the rest of the group chanted along with him.It was a magical moment.


Kitchen Flavours said...

Allhumdulliah really breathtaking pics dear....awesome architecture.....nice to know that you are having goo time in Ramadan....I sent an email on with details....check it and let me know...

umelbanat said...

I'm glad you liked the pictures dear!
i'll check the email & get back to you.

Shabs.. said...

Nice pics....Dear, u have a tag on my blog...pls accept it.

Umm Omar said...

beautiful pictures. I'd love to hear more about Ramadan in Egypt. I've only spent one Ramadan in Egypt, and that was actually half a Ramadan, AND it was many years ago (13 to be exact).

umelbanat said...

Dear Shabs..Thanks for the tag

Umm Omar...I will write more in sha Allah about Ramadan in Egypt.

Max said...

The Hussain mosque is really amazing. I used to pass by a lot when I lived in Cairo for a while. Your pictures do a great job of capturing the bauty of the masjid.

Umm Zacharia said...

Masha Allah!!!! When seeing the pictures it sends shivers down my spine! Alhumdulillah, I've hade a few opportunities to pray in the amazing masjid!!! Beautiful pictures.....makes me miss Cairo so much!