Friday, May 29, 2009

Our trip to Cairo

Recently my very adventerous sister arranged a one day trip to Cairo for the whole family...

By that I mean all our cousins and aunts from both sides of the was all women and children .

Although we had some grumpy moments from some people who cannot seem to enjoy themselves at all ...yes you know yourselves...the over all experience was good & lots of fun...

Our 1st stop was at Fagnoon

fagnoon is located on Sakkara Road, Giza

It's other name is Sabil Om Hashim.It's run by some amazing artists....they really know how to get the kids excited about arts.

Once we got there the children and some of the more un-inhibited adults enjoyed playing on the monkey bars

Then we paid the fee of 45 LE for every participating child or adult.

they gave us a presentation of all the things we can do.

You can choose from

pottery, wood carpentry, agriculture, baking, jewelry making, iron smithy ,bead work,drawing with colored sand,and others.

They also give you a choice for a mud fight or a colors fight where they fill small plastic bags with colored water & you get to throw it at each other.really messy and fun stuff.

To reach fagnoon follow these instructions:

To reach Fagnoon from the Pyramids Road, turn on the Maryoutiya Canal towards Saqqara. Fagnoon is 12.5 kilometers down the canal.

If one is traveling by public transport, take a microbus in the direction of Saqqara and ask the driver for a drop off at Sabil Umm Hashem.

If one is coming from the Mounib Ring Road, take the Badrashein- Maryoutiya exit. From this point it is 9.5 kilometers to Fagnoon.

One of the things one will notice just before arriving is a bridge named after Nobel prize winner Ahmed Zuweil over the canal.

ofcourse everyone opted for the pottery it's so much fun

After that we went to the Egyptian Muesm...
I do not recommend this for younger kids 5 year was so bored ...I struggeled to keep myself in a good mood and really try to enjoy it...
Ofcourse the muesm has some really exciting replicas and artifacts from different eras ....
the most amazing is the mummies hall ....but you have to pay extra to enter.
They also have a seperate hall for the jewelery from Pharonic & Roman eras....

After finishing the muesm we simply crossed the Cornich & took a boat ride in the Nile
it was so relaxing and peaceful after a very busy and noisy day.

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