Friday, May 29, 2009

El Gouna.....

My DH always wanted to spend some time in El Gouna was more like a dream of his to go there.

Alhamdulelah this year we were able to go there for a 4 days vacation...the hotel where we were staying was a resort with over +500 rooms....

It had 3 swimming pools ,a lagoon and of course the beach..

The children really enjoyed the water ...they spent over 6 hours daily at the pool....WOW ...this means alot of sun.....Armed with my islamic swimsuite I had my fair share of the cool waters too.

My DDs had a chance to really practice their swimming skills

Most of our days were spent inside the resort...with 2 kids we felt too lazy to venture outside although I would have loved to explore the city & maybe even visit Hurghada.We chose to stay within our hotel's premises as this vacation was mainly intended for relaxation only

Here are some more images that I took from my room's balcony of the nearby lagoon.....we sometimes saw boats & gondolas taking people around the hotel for a cruise.

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