Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bucket List

I was tagged by Mona, the rules:

"Simply state any number of goals you want to achieve in the next 8-10 years. Let them be small goals, big goals, silly goals. It is always nice to think about a bucket list, write it down, and share it. But most importantly, tag others to do the same when you are done."

  • See my DDs all grown-up & happy...I envision them as independant & exceptional ladies,studying in the best colleges & good muslimas & human beings.

  • Buy a small house in a nce neighbourhood & it has to have a garden ..where I grow my own veggies & flowers

  • Become more religious & spiritual

  • Understand & live Macrobiotics

  • Continue my education & get a degree from US or Canada

  • Become a Canadian citizen

  • Travel to Brazil,Lebanon,Turkey,India,Indonesia,Malysia

  • Go camping

  • Live Humanely

  • Adopt several children & raise them as good muslims

Now I tag sisters: Yasmeen , Lubna, Umm Travis


Kitchen Flavours said...

Assalamvalekum Dear, I happy to know that you are leaving for Hajj. May Allahtala bless you with peaceful and fullfilling journey. Please remember me in your prayers. I will pray for your safe journey dear.

umelbanat said...

Jazaky Allah khayran sister

Yasmeen said...

Mashallah you have such noble goals sister.May Allah help you making them possible.

Hajar said...

Such wonderful goals. ^ Glad to see M'sia is listed there as well. :)

umelbanat said...

Yasmeen ...thnx habibti

Hajar...thanks dear but what's M'sia????