Saturday, January 10, 2009

Something sweet is on it's way Habibi....

I'm planning to send some gifts to my brother's family in the I had to think about gifts that they won't find easily in the US.

Clothes & toys are not on my list....for obvious reasons...the quality & prices of these 2 are way better over there....sobhan Allah

That leaves me with the option of Egyptian sweets like meshabek & mooled sweets...yum ...yum..

For the little ones in the family I will buy them some Arabic books & sha Allah if I find any products by ABJAD or EDU-FUN I will buy them at once .I'm just not sure I can find them in my city.

I remember getting my own kids a product from Abjad from a bookstore in Cairo ,it was a book that helps them learn the arabic numerals they simply write with a marker on the pages & then wipe with a soft cloth. This way it can be used & re-used many times.

I started looking online for products. I ran into a couple of sites like Sindbadmall that has these products ...well now some of the products is really pricy like this set that sells for 460$......ouch
The ABJAD site has alot of reasonably priced sets that look like so much fun

See details of this product HERE

See details of this product HERE
details of this product HERE

I hope you have fun looking at these very nice products I found.


An. said...

They have really nice things for learning Arabic. It's nice of you to think of them!


umelbanat said...

An.I'm happy you found these for buying the kids gifts it is a joy may Allah bless them in sha Allah...& like most women I do enjoy shopping...;)

Kitchen Flavours said...

Assalamvalekum dear. Very thoughtful and gr8 gifts. Your brother is lucky to have sweet sis like you... Allhumdulliah.

umelbanat said...

thanks Dear....: )

Hajar said...

Interesting gift ideas. :)

Yasmeen said...

thanks for the links sis.Useful for my 5 year old,who is learning Arabic:)