Thursday, December 04, 2008

Free animal coloring pictures

I was referred to this site from one of my yahoo groups...Crafting Muslima....thanks sister Ummnour of ...loving Allah & Raising my Children

This is a very nice website that has a number of free afting printables...the theme is animals of the world....

You basiclly print out the pictures for the kids to colour...

They alot of nice details ,showing off the culture of each country through a unique animal pic

The animal representing Egypt is....the camel...a stereotype I know...but really cute...check it out...

Abdul Camel lives in Egypt. Camels have worked for man
since about 2000BC. They live in deserts and dry lands and
can go for long periods without water. They travel
in groups called ‘Caravans’. Abdul is decorated in colours
and motifs that have been used in Egypt since ancient times.

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